Vāstu Mantras to Sanctify Your Home contains 21 directional mantras to invoke and honor deities to draw in their protection and support of your home. Each mantra meditation is recorded at 432Hz (a frequency considered to be capable of activating & benefiting the heart chakra).

oṃ laṃ indrāya namaḥ (Indra, the deity of light who rules the east)  |  oṃ raṃ agnaye namaḥ (Agni, the deity of fire who rules the southeast)  |  oṃ māṃ yamāya namaḥ (Yama, the deity of death and restraint who rules the south)  |  oṃ kṣaṃ nirṛtaye namaḥ (Nirṛiti, the deity of dissolution who rules the southwest)  |  oṃ vaṃ varuṇāya namaḥ (Varuna, the deity of the ocean and rain who rules the west)  |  oṃ yaṃ vāyave namaḥ (Vayu, the wind god who rules the northwest)  |  oṃ sauṃ somāya namaḥ (Soma, the deity of the moon who rules the north)  |  oṃ haṃ īśānāya namaḥ (Īśāna the Supreme Lord, who rules the northeast)  |  oṃ āṃ brahmaṇe namaḥ (Brahma, the divine creator who rules above)  |  oṃ hrīṃ anantāya namaḥ (Ananta, the serpent that upholds the worlds and who resides from below)  |  oṃ vaṃ vajrāya namaḥ (I invoke the thunderbolt or vajra, weapon of Indra)  |  oṃ śaṃ śaktaye namaḥ (I invoke the spear or shakti, weapon of Agni)  |  oṃ daṃ daṇḍāya namaḥ (I invoke the rod or danda, weapon of Yama)  |  oṃ khaṃ khaṅgāya namaḥ (I invoke the sword or khanga, weapon of Nirṛiti)  |  oṃ paṃ pāśāya namaḥ (I invoke the noose or pasha, weapon of Varuna)  |  oṃ aṃ aṅkuśāya namaḥ (I invoke the prod or ankusha, weapon of Vayu)  |  oṃ gaṃ gadāya namaḥ (I invoke the mace or gada, weapon of Soma)  |  oṃ trīṃ triśūlāya namaḥ (I invoke the trishula or trident of Lord Shiva, weapon of Īśāna)  |  oṃ paṃ padmāya namaḥ (I invoke the lotus or padma, weapon of Brahma)  |  oṃ caṃ cakrāya namaḥ (I invoke the chakra or discus of Lord Vishnu, weapon of Ananta)  |  oṃ hrīṃ namaḥ (with the sound hrīṃ I invoke Bhuvaneshvari, the queen of the universe)

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