oṃ śrīṃ mahalakṣmyai namaḥ

oṃ śrīṃ mahalakṣmyai namaḥ  

Om and salutations to the great Lakshmi who provides abundance.”

This Lakshmi mantra can be used to attain abundance in many forms: health, wealth, friends & relationships, and much more. When you face a problem related to abundance, the general nature of Lakshmi mantras will help the cakras to begin processing new levels of energy. The kundalini will start to send out energy related to the idea you are invoking with your mantra.

You will be drawing in energy from your spiritual surroundings, but you must also focus your mental efforts to have a clear understanding of that which you desire. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!

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