Gayatri and the 12 Gifts of the Sun brings you the famous Gayatri mantra in both the shorter (more common) version as well as the extended version, along with a collection of 12 healing Sun mantras. Each mantra meditation is recorded at 432Hz (a frequency considered to be capable of activating & benefiting the heart chakra).

Gayatrī mantra  |  oṃ mitrāya namaḥ  |  oṃ ravaye namaḥ |  om sūryāya namah |  oṃ bhanave namaḥ |  oṃ khagāya namaḥ  |  oṃ pūṣṅe namaḥ  |  oṃ hiraṇyagarbhāya namaḥ  |  oṃ marīcaye namaḥ  |  oṃ ādityāya namaḥ  |  oṃ savitre namaḥ  |  oṃ arkāya namaḥ  |  oṃ bhaskarāya namaḥ  |  Gayatrī mantra (extended version)

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