In order to get the maximum benefit from your mantra practice, you will find it helpful to understand some basic concepts underlying the mantra principle.

Mantras Energize Prana

Prana is a basic form of life energy that is capable of being transferred between individuals. When we pronounce a particular mantra while visualizing an internal organ bathed in light, the power of the mantra and the prana become concentrated in that organ, with beneficial effect.


Mantras Awaken Energy Similar to Fire

The same fire can cook your lunch or burn down the forest. Similarly, mantra produces spiritual energy of great intensity. There are powerful mantra prescriptions not even taught in the West, so it’s best to pay attention to how you feel. If the mantra is stirring up a lot of energy & emotion, consider taking a break for a few days to help your body adjust and integrate the new energies.


Mantras Eventually Quiet the Mind

Over time, mantra will quiet all the random & incoherent chatter of the subconscious mind. With dedication, mantra can dig into crystallized thoughts stored in the organs & glands and transform these bodily parts into repositories of peace.


Mantras Have Only an Approximate Language-Based Translation

The true nature of a mantra is the experience that it ultimately creates in the individual who chants it. All who chant the mantra will arrive at a similar experiential definition.

Mantras are Energy-Based Sounds

Mantra derives its power from the energy effect its sounds produce. Pronouncing a mantra creates a particular physical vibration, in the form of sound, that creates various effects in both the physical and subtle bodies.

Mantra Focused with Intent Amplifies its Effect

Intention—or the reason we are saying the mantra—is superimposed on the physical vibration, increasing and strengthening the effect of mantra practice.

Mantras are Cakra-Based Sounds

The fifty letters in the Sanskrit alphabet correspond to the fifty petals found on each of the cakras (1 through 6, from the base of the spine to the 3rd eye). When a Sanskrit mantra is uttered or thought, the petals corresponding to the letters in the words of the mantra vibrate in spiritual resonance, energizing the petal, which then becomes tuned to a higher energy state. Ambient spiritual energy is attracted to the person pronouncing the mantra, producing a net gain in usable spiritual energy.

Choosing Your Goals – Your Sadhana


Prayer Beads: a Mala or Rosary

The 40-day Discipline (A Sadhana)

We all have many desires. Some we can fulfill through the normal means available, working towards our objective. Other objectives seem to constantly elude us because we either do not know the correct path to follow for fulfillment, or the desire seems completely out of reach. This problem is very common–even in mantra practice–when we focus on more than one goal at a time. It is obvious that the more focus you can bring to bear on a single objective, the greater your chances of a significant outcome. Mental focus and heartfelt devotion greatly increase the power of mantra, and if you have a long list, diffusing that concentration will dilute your results. Significant change can be difficult to accomplish.

It is strongly recommended that you choose only one main objective for anyone’s first journey into a mantra discipline. This will allow you to focus the power in a single-minded way that connects your mind, your heart, and the sacred sound. After the completion of your first discipline, you can then move forward in any direction you want, but keep in mind that keeping a sharp focus of your concentration will likely speed up your results.

When choosing your sadhana–a spiritual discipline–yogis often with direct their students to take on a 40-day practice. For example, select a mantra, and commit to working with that mantra every single day for 40 consecutive days. It takes 21 days to create a new habit, and 28 days for the brain to rewire itself, but yogis suggest a 40-day discipline to really instill lasting results.

Mantra Siddhi


Making Mistakes

Common Problems That Will Occur During Your Mantra Meditation Practice


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