The Magic Behind Mantrapoly…

Our Dilema

We at Mantrapoly LOVE Mantras.

We love them so much that we searched the internet many times over to find websites talking about mantras.

However, much of the information is lacking—either in content, accuracy, or organization. There are many websites out there with bits and pieces of good information, but there’s always something missing.

Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva Acharya) comes the closest to reaching this end. He has dedicated the majority of his entire life towards sharing the many benefits of mantra meditation. He has authored numerous books and CD trainings. He was a master of mantra practices, and shared a vast amount of knowledge accumulated over his lifetime.

I devoured all of his books and CDs, and put into practice many of his teachings. The books and teachings are all great material, yet there are a few important elements missing: there’s a lack of organization, and overall accuracy of pronunciation.

Let’s say you’re searching for a mantra to help you find love or improve your relationship. You can find love mantras in many of Namadeva’s works. However, you may have to flip through 7 different books to find the right mantra you’re looking for. And speaking from personal experience, that can be quite time-consuming.

And even more importantly, Sanskrit pronunciation can be quite complex. With 50 letters, compared to the 26 letters in the English language, there are many subtleties that can be lost unless we pay very close attention to our accuracy in pronunciation. Sanskrit is an energy-based language, so if we are slightly off in our pronunciations, or omit various subtleties, we may be completely altering the energy & meaning of the mantra.

At Mantrapoly, it is our goal (and at least at the beginning, we still have MUCH work to do!) to provide an accurate representation of each mantra. Whenever possible, each mantra is given in IAST (the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration), and each mantra with an audio recording to hear the pronunciation.

Our Solution

At Mantrapoly, we want to be able to find a particular mantra, and find it quickly.

And without any real solution already present online, we set out to create just that: a website that contains hundreds of Sanskrit mantras, designed to be your go-to resource for mantra meditation.

Mantrapoly (mantra=mind protector/liberator; poly=many) contains every Sanskrit mantra we can get our hands on. Not only that, but we want to make them all accessible to you. Each individual mantra page will include a pronunciation guide, audio file to hear what it should sound like, translation, description, and an extended version of the sound file—with 108 repetitions, that you can use as a meditation.

I wanted a resource that I could use for myself to find various mantras. Now it’s here. Want to find a prosperity mantra? You’ll find it here. Weight loss mantra? Yep. Enlightenment? Karma-reducing? Clearing obstacles? You’ll find them all here.

— Jason Adams, founder of Mantrapoly